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Join Our Senior Volunteer List

Make a difference!

If you a senior (aged 60 or older) who lives in the Boston Metro area, we invite you to join the Tufts University Psychology Department’s Aging Research Registry. The purpose of the registry is to link the senior community with research at Tufts University.

The goal of our research is to understand how aging affects physical, mental, and emotional health. We want to learn more about how people can maintain healthy minds and bodies across adulthood. If you join our volunteer list, you will be periodically contacted about research study opportunities. When you match with a study, a researcher will contact you to explain its purpose and details. At that time you will be able to ask questions and decide whether or not you want to participate in that particular study. Participation is always voluntary.

Join our senior volunteer list
By becoming a research volunteer you will help us learn more about how to maintain healthy minds and bodies across our lifespan. We value your privacy—your information will be kept confidential and will never be shared with anyone outside of our research team. Join now!

Become a Research Participant

  • Research participants over the age of 60 are always needed.

  • Email: or call 617-627-4559 to become a participant.

Frequently asked questions about being a participant:

1.    Where do the studies take place?
Most studies take place on the in the Psychology Department at Tufts University (located at 490 Boston Avenue, Medford MA).

2.    When do the studies take place?
We can schedule an appointment that is convenient for you and fits with your schedule.

3.    How long do the studies last?
Studies take on average 1 to 3 hours to complete. It varies depending upon the type of study being conducted.


4.    Will there be parking for me?
Yes. Free campus parking is provided.


5.    Will I be paid for my time?
Yes. Most of our studies offer compensation at a rate equivalent to $15/ hour. We are aware that scientific research studies do not pay enough, but your participation offers an important contribution to scientific progress.


6.    Will I be told how I did on tests?
No. We do not provide individual feedback. However, upon request, the final results of the study can be sent after the study is completed.


7.    Will anyone else know how I did on the study tasks?
Your privacy is important to us. You data will be kept confidential and your information will not be shared with anyone outside of the research team..


8.    How often will I be contacted about research study opportunities?
When you join our research volunteer list you can specify how often you would like to be contacted.


9.    What are the risks involved?
Most of our studies involve paper and pencil and computer tasks, and there are no risks involved. You will be informed in advance of any risks. All of our studies are monitored and approved by the San Francisco State University Institutional Review Board.

10.  Who can I contact if I want to be removed from the volunteer research list or if I have other questions?
You can reach us at 617-627-4559 or at

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